Harrison Spinks


With multiple layers of blended British wool and viscose, natural cotton, mohair, sustainable Ecotex and home grown hemp and flax. The Inglewood has 13250 innovative springs; including 100% recyclable advanced Cortec™ Quad pocket springs, pressure relieving HD 4000 and HD 2500 Micro springs and flexible Posturfil pocket springs. With an in-house woven FR chemical treatment free mattress cover and three rows of side stitching.

Designed for you to sleep in rather than on, each mattress includes a built-in topper. The addition of a sumptuous layer that provides the ultimate in comfort.

  • Superior award-winning support

    Featuring award-winning, 100% recyclable Cortec™ springs. Zero to landfill.

  • Comfort from natural fillings

    We pride ourselves on the luxuriously sustainable fillings used in our hand-made mattresses.

  • For your health and wellbeing

    Manufactured by the world’s most sustainable bed manufacturer. No glue, foam or FR chemicals are used.

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