Revolution Pocket Springs

Spring technology

Inside every Harrison Spinks bed, there are several thousand of miracles of engineering at work. Benefiting from the most innovative technology in the world, a Harrison Spinks bed will adapt to your body’s unique shape, regardless of your sleeping position.

Our Millennium award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, combined with our High Density (HD) pocket springs, means a Harrison Spinks mattress offers unrivalled levels of comfort and support.

Cross Section

Our Revolution spring

Introducing the award-winning Revolution spring. This unique pocket spring system has a small spring sitting inside a larger one, offering two levels of firmness. Its two-stage action means the outer spring offers a high degree of comfort, while the inner spring delivers a supportive second action to heavier areas of the body. This gives you variable levels of support, tailoring itself to your unique shape so that you always maintain the best posture. It is one spring that gives twice the comfort.

Award-winning Revolution springs

One spring, twice the comfort

HD Spring

The HD spring is a world first. There are 2500 of these in each layer of a king-size mattress, all made with our lightweight titanium alloy. These mini pocket springs are highly flexible, working completely independently of each other. This three-dimensional support means they can adapt to your body’s contours to relieve pressure while you sleep and give greater comfort and lumbar support. They are also good for the mattress itself, ensuring the fillings always push back into their original position.

A world first, the HD spring


Airflow pocket springs do exactly as the name suggests, channelling air through the mattress fillings and directing it into the surface. This, along with special air vents, helps the mattress to breathe, keeping the fibres fresh and dry whatever the season.

Mattress Springs V5 Full Image

Our High Density springs are now made with titanium alloy, taking comfort to a whole new level. The springs are 40% lighter than before, making your mattress that much easier to turn.

More than just a bed

At Harrison Spinks we’ve been making beds since 1840. In that time we have remained a family business. These days, we have more than 600 people working with us.

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