Cut from a different cloth

Makers of proudly different beds

Every Harrison Spinks beds and mattresses are built on a belief in doing things the right way. For our customers. For everyone.

At the heart of our approach is knowing that natural healthy sleep can only be achieved in a bed that’s handcrafted from natural, healthy materials. British wool, natural hemp fibres, flax linen and more.

We’re passionate about making beds in the most responsible way too. And for us, that means caring where everything comes from. It's why, we grow natural comfort fillings on our Yorkshire farm, weave our fabrics in-house and make our own award-winning springs.

Our unique approach to luxury bedmaking makes us different. It's why each and every bed we lovingly handcraft is proudly cut from a different cloth.

Homegrown Luxury

The key to natural, comfortable sleep is a bed made from the finest natural materials.

With acres of homegrown natural hemp fibres, linen flax and our flock of sheep, it’s here on 300 acres of prime Yorkshire land, where our story begins. 


Handcrafted Quality

A fifth-generation Yorkshire business, doing things the right way is everything to us. It’s a matter of pride.
Always has been. Always will be.

Every Harrison Spinks bed is made in our Yorkshire factory by skilled artisans who have mastered their craft.


Responsible Innovation

We’re committed to being the UK’s most sustainable bedmaker. We are taking big steps needed to protect the world and the people around us.

We already lead the way in self-sufficient manufacturing. Growing, weaving and making much of what we need. But we’re not stopping there.


Family Matters

Since 1840 sleep has been our craft, our life and our passion.

From proud beginnings, each generation builds on the last. Developing new ideas, redefining luxurious sleep and showing the world that true luxury can be responsible and supremely comfortable too.