Handcrafted luxury

Traditional Handcrafted Luxury

Harrison Spinks was born and raised in England UK and is the essence of natural British sleep. Our mattresses are handcrafted using techniques passed down from generation to generation and we are proud of our heritage and the skills we have been taught.

Skilled craftspeople

Our skilled craftsmen and women use traditional bed making techniques, each person developing their skills through a training program before they are able to work on a mattress.

Since 1840

Family bed makers for over 180 years. Our skilled craftsmen and women use traditional bed making techniques to hand sew, side-stitch and tuft every mattress.

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Traditional techniques

Time-honored bed making skills have often been passed from generation to generation resulting in beautiful beds that are of the highest quality. Nothing beats a trained eye and a skilled hand.

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Expert side stitchers

Our expert side stichers spend a minimum of 6 months learning how to side stich, because here in Yorkshire, we believe if there is something that is worth doing it’s worth doing right.

Skilled tape edging

The last step of the mattress manufacturing process is tape edging, a skilled process stitching the top and bottom.

Inside the Factory

In 2019, we featured on BBC2’s Inside the Factory, where Gregg Wallace discovered how to make a Harrison Spinks mattress.

Inside the factory

We don't just make mattresses

From the first twist of wire for our unique springs to the last swatch of colour, every Harrison Spinks bed is bespoke.

Choose from a variety of headboards and bases in a selection of fabric options and make your own unique Harrison Spinks bed.

In the end you’ll have a bed that adjusts itself to you not the other way round.

Headboards & Divans

Our skilled craftsmen and women assemble and upholster each luxurious Harrison Spinks headboard and divan base. Choose from a variety of design led styles that can be upholstered in a ray of sumptuous textures and colours.

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A fine choice of fabrics

We have a range of over 50 different luxurious fabrics and colour options to ensure your headboard and base is tailored to your own individual style.

Find your nearest bed specialist to see swatch samples.

Hand crafted

FSC certified

All of the wood we use in our headboards and divans is sourced from sustainably managed forests that are FSC® certified. This includes wood from our own 56 acre responsibly managed woodland in North Yorkshire.

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