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Our Annual Sustainability Report

3rd September 2021

Companies around the world are pledging to reach Net Carbon Zero in 20 or 30 years’ time.That’s too late. Harrison Spinks is aiming to be Net Carbon Zero by 2023. 

Rest easy, knowing that’s our goal.

"Harrison Spinks has been at the forefront of sustainable bedmaking for years, and the innovative work and initiatives of the business are contributing to saving the planet in more ways than one. The continued efforts to make entirely sustainable products, from the initial stages of growing materials to the end of their long life, have been happening behind the scenes and it’s time to share these with you in detail.

"It is with great satisfaction that you can now read this report, detailing the work that has been underway to contribute to a more environmentally friendly production and outlining the further work that needs to be done to become a completely sustainable business, for both the health of our customers and the environment itself.

"I am beyond proud to work for this company, which undertakes a genuine and immense effort on the journey to creating a more sustainable world.

- Richard Essery, Director of Innovation & Sustainability.